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The Best Food Packaging Materials for Guaranteed Food Safety

2020 has changed our lives drastically. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to change their ways of manufacturing, production, and distribution. We have seen a steady rise of innovative product ideas and business models in the manufacture, retail, and even hospitality sectors.

How we package food products, for instance, has changed, and we're no longer just thinking of low-cost materials, but now we focus on keywords like low environmental impact, high sustainability, food safety, allergen labeling, and aesthetic. So let’s talk about packaging for food products and the choices available to you.

● Recyclable stand-up pouches

Keep in mind that food contact packaging materials, meaning packaging that already comes into contact with food, should meet the criteria of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) legislation. Certain restrictions must be followed to avoid the risk to the consumer's health through the migration of harmful chemicals. Food products such as roasted coffee beans, cocoa powder in bulk, or other powdered baking ingredients should be stored in safety standard pouches ideal for individual or consumer distribution. Our recyclable stand-up pouches are tested for food safety and are 100% sourced from recyclable materials. Whatever your food product, coffee beans or granules, organic flour, cocoa powder, or even baked pastries and biscuits, these stand-up pouches are customizable to your business' branding and design needs.

● Reusable glass jars

One of the best advantages of using glass jars for packaging food products is that they are odorless. This means that gases and vapors from external sources won't influence the freshness of the product for an extended period. Glass also won't affect the color, taste, and flavor of food because it is impermeable to most substances. Another distinct advantage of glass jars is that they provide good insulation and are useful for heat sterilization of low-acid and high-acid foods. The best part yet is that the glass is transparent, allowing consumers to see into the product and be attracted by the display without having to smell or touch the food. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the added weight during distribution and shipping, which is why food pouches are the alternative. You can customize for clear transparent film in the front to enable consumers a view of the food product.

● Laminates and metalized films

High-value foods such as dried soup, herbs, and spices can be relatively picky when it comes to packaging using laminated aluminum. The more economical but better choice is certified recyclable films or metalized films. These plastics contain a thin layer of aluminum metal which improves the overall barrier against moisture, air, odor, oils, and other chemicals that could affect the taste and integrity of the food. Metalized recyclable films are usually used for packaging snacks, but they can also be used for coffee powders, cocoa powders, soybean oils and sauces, and even other kinds of condiments. Our recyclable films are sustainable and environmentally friendly, something you should certainly consider when choosing bulk packaging for food products.

Modern innovations have paved the way for various environment-friendly low-cost packaging materials that will suit every type of business. Give us a call at Rapid Food Solutions, and we'll give you more information about how our private-label packaging can boost your brand.

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