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We source premium global ingredients and bring them together in one comprehensive suite of goods and services. All ingredients are stored in SQF temperature control facilities throughout North America.

Ingredients matter


Our SPECIALTY INGREDIENTS include traditional and Non-GMO chocolate products, such as chocolate chips, chocolate flake, coated candy chocolate gems, and cocoa powder. Other Additional inclusions are Non-GMO multi-colored sprinkles, kosher marshmallows, bulk graham cracker and pie crumb. Expand to see our full list.

RFS also carries alternative and traditional natural sweeteners such as allulose, monk fruit, stevia, agave, molasses, and honey, as well as a variety of other syrups and sauces.


In addition, we also have a full range of FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS that will meet all your technical needs for bakery, confection, beverage, health and nutrition, pet food, or dairy applications. These include fibers, plant-based proteins, dairy and soy proteins, flavor enhancers, leavening agents, humectants, stabilizers, gums, natural preservatives, vitamins and minerals, acids, fats and oils, sweeteners, flours and grains, and non-dairy creamers. 

  • Specialty Chocolate
    Non-GMO Project Verified: Chip Chunk Flake Powder Drops Gem (M&Ms)
  • Sweet Ingredients
    Project Verified Non GMO Allulose liquid and crystals Beet Sugars Cane Sugars Chocolate Products Cocoa Products Corn Sweeteners High Intensity Sweeteners Honey Inclusions Invert Sugar Liquid Sucrose Molasses Organic Sweeteners Specialty Sweeteners Specialty Syrups Sugar Alcohols (Polyols)
  • Fiber
    ​​Insoluble Fibers Soluble Fibers Soluble Corn Fiber
  • Fine Ingredients
    Acetates Acidulants Emulsifiers Flavor Enhancers Gelatin Gluconates Humectants Hydrocolloids Lactates Leavening Agents Minerals Phosphates Preservatives Stearates Sulfates Vitamins and Minerals
  • Non-GMO Ingredients
    ​​Chocolate: chips, chunks, flakes, powder Carbonates Citrates Corn Sweeteners Dairy Ingredients Dehydrated Vegetables Fibers Flours & Grains Gluconates Hydrocolloids Leavening Agents Lecithin Non-Dairy Creamers Oil and Shortenings Phosphates Preservatives Proteins Starches Stearates Sulfates Sweeteners Non GMO Project verified Sprinkles
  • Oil and Shortening Ingredients
    ​​Conventional Oils High Fat Powders Margarines (Palm, Soybean) Mayonnaise/Salad Dressings Organic Oils Shortenings (Animal Fat) Palm and Soy Specialty Oils Tropical Oils Brown Rice Syrup (42DE, 63DE – organic) Corn Syrup Tapioca Syrup(27DE, 42 DE, 63 DE)
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Top 10 Ingredients

1. Non-GMO Project VerifiedTM Chocolate

Chip, Chunk, Flake, Powder, Drops, Candy Coated Gems 


2. Non-GMO Soy & Sunflower Lecithin

Liquid and Powder


3. Allulose Sweetener

Liquid & Powder


4. Three Flavored Granola: gluten free, nut free, soy free, allergen free, Kosher


5. Canola Oil

6. Bulk Pie crumb/Graham cracker crumb
7. Non-GMO Project VerifiedTM  candy-colored sprinkles
8. Dextrose Powder
9. Custom Popping and Topping oils
10. Mid & High-Oleic Sunflower Oil

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