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Here's What You Need to Know About Maltodextrin Powder

When people think about baking ingredients, the first things that come to mind are flour, yeast, and butter. This isn't really surprising since these ingredients are commonly used in a wide range of recipes. But while they are the primary components in a lot of baked goods, remember that they're not the only things you can use to create delicious cakes, bread, and pastries! Depending on the recipe, you may also have to use maltodextrin powder.

What Is Maltodextrin Powder?

Maltodextrin is a type of polysaccharide used in numerous cooking and baking processes. It has moderate sweetness and can even be flavorless, depending on how it's processed. Maltodextrin powder in the U.S. is often derived from corn, while manufacturers in the EU usually obtain maltodextrin from wheat.

Why Maltodextrin Stands Out from Other Ingredients

One of the best things about maltodextrin is that it has virtually no sweetness or flavor. This means that it can increase the viscosity of food items and give them more "body" without altering their taste profile. Maltodextrin powder is also used to improve the dispersion and solubility of ingredients and increase the absorption of oils and fats. Maltodextrins with a low dextrose equivalent have excellent binding properties similar to that of starch. As a result, they can be used to replace fat in many recipes and lower the calorie content of the food item without changing its final flavor. Low-dextrose equivalent maltodextrins can also prevent the formation of large crystals in food, which is why they are used to minimize gritty textures and create a smoother and creamier mouthfeel.

Common Food Items That Contain Maltodextrin

As mentioned above, maltodextrin can replace fats without changing the taste and texture of the product. This is why many bakers and food manufacturers use maltodextrin to lower the fat content in numerous baked goods like cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and muffins. Aside from baked goods, maltodextrin is also used in soup and gravy mixes to reduce the meat flavors they contain. Maltodextrin powder is likewise a key ingredient in creating low-calorie and low-fat versions of other food items, such as hot and cold beverage mixes, margarine spreads, and salad dressings. Since it's almost flavorless, maltodextrin is one of the most commonly used carriers for flavorings and diluting agents for concentrated ingredients.

Get in Touch with Us!

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