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Rapid Food Solutions

We source premium global ingredients and bring them together in one comprehensive suite of goods and services. All ingredients are stored in SQF temperature control facilities throughout North America.

Founder's Message

I started RFS with one mission: to help companies focus on growing their brand without the added worry that comes from dealing with frustrating suppliers and manufacturers. Specifically, I wanted to focus on three essential elements in this business: manufacturing facilities, ingredients, and packaging. My time spent working in the industry has shown me what it takes to launch a successful brand: getting those things right. And over the years, I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs get stalled by unreliable and slow manufacturers and suppliers.


So, at RFS we like to think of the process of bringing a product to market as a little bit like a symphony. When one musician misses a note or comes in late, the whole performance sounds like someone knocked over a stack of dishes in the kitchen. Our goal is to minimize stress and create a perfect symphony every time.


In addition to our expertise, we’ve built strong relationships in the industry. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with numerous suppliers and manufacturers, so you can trust that RFS has already vetted them. We find you the best manufacturing facilities for your products and highest quality ingredients. We can help take the guesswork and costly delays out of bringing your product to market. 


Our promise is to do all this with the turn-around time that is required to successfully compete in today's demanding, fast-paced manufacturing environment. We pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency, and we have only chosen domestic manufacturers and suppliers who do, too. That’s why we can offer the fastest production times in the industry. Why wait for something to come from overseas? Our services are high quality and fast, helping you get your product on shelves quickly. 


At RFS, we share your passion for growing your brand and will help you do so with exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and speed. Premium products from reliable suppliers, healthy ingredients, punctual sourcing and manufacturing, and superior customer service—that’s music to my ears. Join us. Let’s see what we can make together. 


Andy Bloedow

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